Rock n’ Roll Picnic -cd


Rock n’ Roll Picnic -cd



Sweet Jeena and Her Sweethearts: Rock n’ Roll Picnic -cd

Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts shakes and serves a groovy cocktail of rock’n’roll, rhythm’n’blues, rockabilly and country, with a tasty slice of jazz and truckloads of grazeology. Jeena is a rare treat, sounding both vintage and new at the same time. Together this foursome brings rockin’ black and white crime fiction to the CD era. Hillbillies of the twenties don’t know what they missed – or helped to create. The picture may be a bit twisted. It’s romantic, yes. But nostalgic? No way!


Tracks on the record:

1. Don´t Talk Baby
2. More More More
3. Tongue Tied
4. Lovers Like Me
5. Spare Parts
6. Hard Drivin´ Mama
7. Indian Moon
8. Hard Runnin´
9. Lovely Summer Night
10. Black Denim Trousers
11. Waitin´ For Your Call
12. Rock´n´Roll Picnic