Sweet Jeena and The Roomates -cd


Sweet Jeena and The Roomates -cd



Sweet Jeena and The Roomates FIN/UK


An album filled with classic doo wop harmonies by the The Roomates with Sweet Jeena flying on top. It’s magic, the combination works like a charm.

The collaboration took off when The Roomates were touring in Finland and by coincidence met Sweet Jeena. When The Roomates were searching for a new sound for their next album, their manager suggested that they should try Jeena on some tracks. The results sounded so good that they recorded the whole album together.

The Roomates base their style on italo-american doo wop like ‘Dion and the Belmonts’

and they have gathered praise for their uncompromising sound and their feel for the original doo wop. They have a solid fanbase in Europe and USA. Sweet Jeena is a Finnish singer with a strong natural style and sound, known also from her own band Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts.


Finnish fans are getting an extra treat by five songs translated into Finnish by Jeena.

Spin it on your turntable and you’ll be transported to another place and time.

The album contains the following songs:


  1. To Love or not to Love
  2. Oh Senorita
  3. Angel Baby
  4. Time and Time Again
  5. Teardrops
  6. Poor Little Fool
  7. Deceive Me
  8. Lonely Sixteen
  9. Oh Julie
  10. Will
  11. Angel My Angel
  12. Touch and Go
  13. At the End of the Rainbow
  14. Aina uudelleen (Time and Time Again)
  15. Kyynel (Teardrops)
  16. Kesä (Will)
  17. Kuule kulta (Touch and Go)
  18. Rakkautta vai ei (To Love or not Love)


Bonus track (only on the vinyl): Broken Hearted Melody